What Should You Look For In The Best Gaming Computer Glasses?

For those who may perhaps be not in the know, gaming computer glasses serve the primary function of minimizing screen glare. This goes a long way in preventing headaches that are attributable to this detrimental effect. At the same time, these products are also designed to prevent eyestrain that arises from playing computer games for extended periods of time.

Additionally, such kinds of eyewear can magnify images on the screen, which can greatly enhance gaming accuracy, particularly for rapid fire shooting games. When it comes to determining just which brand is the best gaming computer glasses there are a lot of factors that usually come into play. To which end, the following is a review of the most notable features to look for when attempting to purchase these products.

Gaming glasses frames

In essence, you will want a pair of gaming computer glasses that come with a wide frame, preferably one that has been crafted from lightweight metals like stainless steel. A broad frame makes such products ideal for virtually any type of head shape and size. As for the metallic materials, they can make sure that the glasses are durable and you can consequently use them for a long time to come. You will also need glasses that integrate appropriate frame balancing and even distribution of weight. This can significantly enhance the comfort of making use of them, most especially for protracted periods of time.

Gaming glasses lenses

When it comes to the perfect lens that a best gaming computer glasses should have, a pair that has amber tinted lens can be the most excellent option. Such lenses work by effectively minimizing contrast of images on the computer screen, which greatly prevents eyestrain and glare. You will also need products whose lenses have been crafted from anti reflective material. Such gaming computer glasses can effortlessly safeguard your eyes from extended exposure to the screen’s light. At the same time you should only settle for products that comes with distortion free optics functions in their lenses. This feature can greatly improve the clarity of your vision while you are engaged in playing games. Which in its turn can conveniently give you an edge over your friends who may not be using these indispensable eyewear.

Additional features to look for in gaming computer glasses

It is also highly recommended that you opt for computer gaming glasses, which are crafted from a couple of multifunctional layers. Such products can be in an excellent position of providing additional functions such as optimal protection dust and moisture. You should also only pick close fitting gaming computer glasses, which can efficiently block air from drying out your eyes while you are playing your favorite games. On the other hand, products with lenses that have UV rays filters and high energy glare coating can be an additional bonus. Finally, you can select computer gaming glasses whose lenses are scratch and smudge resistant to guarantee their durability. Hope that this review of the features to look for in the best gaming computer glasses has been insightful.

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Why You Need the Best X Rocker Video Gaming Chair

Are you a video game lover? If so, hope you know X Rocker video gaming chair. It’s a special device to have in your house. Thanks to Ace Bayou for developing this amazing gaming device. In fact, this device is more than just a game playing seat. The chair is ideal for playing games, listening to music, and watching movies/shows. In simple terms, it’s applicable in all kinds of your in-house entertainment. Whether you are watching your favorite show or playing your preferred game, this chair will literally move you past the screen into the scene of action. You’ll hardly realize that the experience you are having is not real but imposed.

The X Rocker chair features a strong sound system which produces the audio effects and vibrations. This system is composed of built-in speakers and subwoofer. The sound is transmitted from the source to this chair via wireless transmission channels. Additionally, you can satisfy your taste of sound/music using the controls on the c-panel fitted on the side of the best ergonomic and comfortable computer gaming chair of 2017

Best Gaming Chair X Rocker Features

The most amazing feature is the high quality wireless sound system. The chair is fitted with a 2.1 sound system consisting of a subwoofer and speakers that bring out the gaming sound effects perfectly. For example, if you are playing a car racing game, you can hear the sound of the car engine clearly. In such a game, X Rocker chair helps you achieve the real feeling of driving a Formula 1 racing car. Moreover, the Side C-panel carries separate bass and volume controls for the sound system. The C-panel also has input/output audio jacks.

Additionally, this seat is compatible with PCs, MP3 players, iPod, Playstation, Xbox, Gameboy, etc. The wireless transmission is done using the bluetooth technology. So, the chair is also compatible with any device that supports bluetooth technology.

Another amazing feature is that the X Rocker chair has an ergonomic design which provides optimum comfort and performance. It’s made from a special material and fabric that is breathable and can be easily cleaned. You can sit and play your games for four successive hours before you start feeling uncomfortable. The design has a back support and flip-up armrests. It is also fitted with tilt and swivel components. Good computer and gaming chairs must be ergonomically designed. This helps its users to avoid any physical health problems, e.g. back pains, as a result of poor designs. X Rocker’s design is full of convenience because it’s foldable which enhances portability and storage.

Finally, this chair simulates the seat of a racing car. This is another feature that enhances the realism of the game. The simulation is further complimented by the enhanced audio effects and haptic feedback from the seat. The X Rocker will really “rock” your world as you game.


In today’s market, there are different models of the X Rocker gaming Chair. These models range from X Rocker II to X Rocker Pro. Regardless of the model you fall for, you’ll be assured of perfect sound system, wireless audio transmission, comfortable material, wide application in entertainment scenarios, and much more choices and options for a comfortable gaming experience.